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“Provides cost-effective, prompt and effective legal services. He is an excellent communicator & always a pleasure to deal with.” Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, By Sandra McColl
“A well seasoned commercial lawyer with a focus on providing high quality legal advice to clients, particularly  in the SME market. Mike has particular expertise in assisting clients who may have outstanding taxation obligations. He is engaged from the start of a particular assignment with a focus on achieving the best possible outcome for the client.” - Top qualities: Expert, Good Value,  High Integrity - By Bruce Gleeson.
“Mike represented me in the matter of Samuel John Malouf v MBF Australia Limited [2007] NSWSC 1020, which I also won at the Appeal Level. I was the Plaintiff in these proceedings. He thoroughly prepared the NSW Supreme Court hearing with a high degree of care and diligence that lead to a successfully outcome via various legal strategies. He is certainly my legal representative of choice regarding all legal matters. I would not have otherwise achieved a favourable outcome other than for his assistance and help. He is highly professional and efficient and provided sound legal advice and judgement despite the extreme complexities and other difficulties. I would highly recommend Mike Gutzinger at Resolute Lawyers & Associates for all  types of legal and commercial matters. He is highly ethical and an Expert in his field.”  By Samuel John Malouf.
Handled a defence for me in a matter with the ATO. He was a pleasure to work with, incredibly thorough, developed several strategies to highlight the lack of substance in the case, which ultimately achieved a successful result for me.  I highly recommend Mike for any commercial legal matter.” Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity - By Peter Freudenstein.
Resolute Lawyers are passionate and dedicated to achieving the most favourable outcome for their clients within a team centred environment.
“It was reassuring that Mike was available outside of the normal office hours; assisting us in our case. Highly Ethical, Outstanding service” By Leo & Julie Bonnarens
“Mike was invaluable in helping us through a very difficult time. Our company had been subjected to minority shareholder oppression and we were  given only three days’ notice to sell all our shares for zero return under a drag along clause. Mike was able to serve an urgent injunction to stop the sale. In the following ten months, he gave us his undivided attention in following through our extensive legal proceedings, often involving work till the early hours of mornings. With his assistance, we successfully obtained multiple subpoenas for the production of documents which led to the conclusion of our matter with the NSW Supreme Court awarding costs in our favour. Mike has demonstrated a high degree of integrity, commitment, responsiveness and organisational skills. We have no hesitation in recommending his firm to any company requiring assistance in commercial litigation.”  Queenie and Claudio Ferrero | Directors | Futurecorp International Pty Ltd | January 2015
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