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MIKE GUTZINGER Managing Director & Lawyer
Recent achievements include: Resolute Lawyers successfully stopped a major International Share Sale Agreement under a Drag Along Notice worth $8.7M in less than 3 days. Obtained a favourable reported costs judgement in the Client’s favour. The case involved a Subsidiary company in the USA, Australia, and related parties in the Seychelles, an urgent Supreme Court Injunction, US Court proceedings, and there were over 192,000 thousand documents discovered plus subpoenas documents, including Venture Capitalist investment of $40M. The Clients had access to a Lawyer 24/7 over the entire cause of this litigation. Resolute Lawyers have resolved many cases in the Client’s favour, some included: Removing urgent caveats preventing a large commercial sale agreement worth $1M within very short time-frames; Banking, mortgage, and superannuation fraud;  Trademark disputes for a large Parmaceiticeul Client;  Various other commercial claims requiring urgent action and preparation for hearing.
Mike has over 10 years commercial and civil litigation experience. He graduated in LAW from the University of Technology Sydney, and holds a degree from Charles Sturt University. He is the founder and Managing Director of Resolute Lawyers Pty Ltd.  He is passionate about effective technologies, the law, and helping clients achieve their goals. On the weekends, you will usually find Mike preparing for battle. Resolute Lawyers focuses on Civil and Commercial Litigation with an emphasis on complex difficult cases. Many of our cases settle without the need for additional mediation costs or court action.
We defended and prosecuted all types of recovery actions commenced by the Australian Taxation Office, including Director Penalty Notices. Mike was previous employed by the Australian Taxation Office and conducted various complex Supreme Court litigation matters. At Resolute Lawyers we have a wealth of corporate recovery and advocacy experience in the Local Court, District Court and Supreme Court jurisdictions as well as experience in the Federal Court and the High Court.  See our Testimonials for more information.  Resolute Lawyers provides cost effective legal services. We focus our resources ensuring the most favourable targeted outcome to your needs. We aim to win or favourably settle each case. We give all clients our personal attention, always. The team at Resolute Lawyers are proud that our Clients have obtained favourable outcomes that where not achievable anywhere else, and we sincerely enjoy working in partnership with all our Clients.
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